Monday, March 28, 2011

Food Journal

The past 7 days we've been keeping a food journal of everything K eats or drinks at the request of her nutritionist.  This has actually been fairly enlightening.  We discovered 2 things this week: One, that her mom does a much better job with her intake than I thought; and two, that the school gives her a lot more food than I thought.  Hence my earlier post.

On Monday's K's class volunteers at a food bank.  We had an issue with this last year when they started but agreed to let her go after discussing it with her (she really wanted to do it) and the teachers (we would only agree if a teacher - not a para - had 1-on-1 supervision for her at all times).  Well, today they gave her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and yogurt dip and apples.  In addition to the lunch we sent.  That is essentially 2 lunches for her.  When I e-mailed her teacher about this he said that is what they do every week.  For 2 years.  And I just heard about it today.  Ugh.  Yep... that makes 4 out of 7 days of the week I was keeping track with food issues with the school.  And 2 of those 7 were weekend days.  This is the best we can do??  Seriously?!

I just sent in her IEP and her food log to the nutritionist and now we wait.  Sometime in the near future (hopefully within the week) we will get a nutitional plan back that we are all to start following.  Also, the nutritionist will be talking to the school about what they need to be doing.  I honestly don't know what more to say to them without coming off as rude.  Maybe I need to be rude.  I just don't know.  I've always been of the philosophy that you catch more flies with honey.

At this point, nothing is going on with Pittsburgh yet.  I am still waiting to get K's insurance back on track.  I have yet to receive the request for financial info that I know must be coming.  So, if I get nothing yet again tomorrow I'll be calling them.  It's terrible to call and I put it off as much as I can because it literally takes 2 hours every time I call just sitting on hold for them to tell me "Oh, we didn't get it" or "Oh, we're still reviewing".  I think we have a seriously broken system when it comes to dealing with disabled kids and the state.

So, that's where we're at for now.  Literally the day her insurance is reinstated I'll be mailing in our application to Pittsburgh.  It's ready and waiting.

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