Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I had a lot I needed to get done today and ended up having to put a lot off because it was my dad's birthday and he lives a few towns over so the day was spent driving and with family.  However, one very important thing happened today: I FINALLY got K and appointment at our local PWS Clinic at the University of Washington!  I have been trying to get her in there for MONTHS.  Yesterday, as I wrote, she saw her primary care physician.  Well, come to find out today, without any prompting from us (outside of telling her yesterday we had yet to be able to get K in to this clinic) she put in a personal call to them and let them know they needed to schedule an appointment with us ASAP.  So yay!

Other than that, not a lot done today.  I still have my entire list from yesterday to do, so I hopefully will be knocking some stuff off of that tomorrow.  I am just so happy to have gotten that appointment.  She goes in on March 21, so we still have a little wait, but at least I know what date.  I'm also curious to see what her sleep study report says.  We'll be meeting with the doctors about that on Monday, February 14.

I forgot to mention yesterday that when she got weighed yesterday, she was up 10 pounds from the last time we weighed her.  And this is with us trying to at least have her maintain her weight.  Yikes.

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